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Our Mission

Amidst the increasing demand for bionic devices and UBC’s strategic positioning in the field, our student-led design team, UBC Bionics, strives to foster excellence in bionics. Our ultimate goal is to create solutions that can replace human physiology, either by prosthesis or implants. UBC Bionics' current project is to design and build a smart bionic hand, GRASP, that can be used by individuals who have suffered amputation or congenital birth defects. Join us on our journey and be a part of our history!


Our pilot testing GRASP's functionality.


The demand for prostheses is universal--over one million amputations occur annually, with prosthetic options available only to about 5% of the population. UBC Bionics was created to foster undergraduate excellence in this field. We undertook the project of creating a bionic arm and completed an initial prototype in 2019-2020. During the pandemic, we updated our design and plan on implementing the physical changes this year. 

New Research Team

We are delighted to announce the recent addition of a brand new research team to the UBC Bionics Team. This research team will collaborate on a collection of smaller group projects with UBC professors and graduate students, that will help members develop skills to aid to the advancement of our current project, GRASP. For more details, view our FAQ section under the Join Us page!

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