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Join one of the fastest growing design teams at UBC! Our team is composed of some of the best and brightest science and engineering students, ranging from mechanical to biomedical engineering and computer science. Seize the opportunity to learn, grow, network, and develop your skills among your fellow teammates.

Our Sub-Teams


The administration sub-team is responsible for overseeing and managing the team's public affairs. They secure sponsorship, maintain the budget, and promote the team's social media presence. Additionally, they work on recruitment, planning events, and maintain the team's website. 


The electrical sub-team is responsible for developing the electrical components into the prototype. Currently, they're working on EMG acquisition and battery management systems. They're developing a PCB using Altium that integrates sensors, motors, and actuators, while using Oscilliscope for testing.


The mechanical sub-team designs the structure of the current project and models the devices on CAD software. They research and develop mechanical designs via engineering design process, prototyping, and SolidWorks. They're ultimately responsible for the printing and assembly of the prototype. 


The analytics sub-team uses data science and machine learning to improve the usability of the current project. Part of their work includes programming with Python and performing data analysis on sensor information like EMG, FSR, etc. 


The embedded systems sub-team is responsible for detailing the most optimal design, programming, and actuation methods to follow. They work on low-level control of the hardware and take in sensor data. Currently, they are programming with Rust, but will move forward with C or C++.

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Application FAQ

The best time to apply is during our recruitment season, which occurs at the start of every winter session semester at the end of August! However, our email inbox remains open throughout the year.

Yes! We encourage all candidates interested in joining the team to send in an application, regardless of what your experience may include. We are ultimately looking for those who are willing to dedicate the time and energy to learn and further the goals of our team.

The final choice that you list on your application is up to you! All we ask is that you have an idea of which sub-team(s) aligns best with your own interests or studies, to better help us decide what the best fit is for you.

The research team is a new addition to our team as a whole, and requires membership on one of our sub-teams to be eligible for consideration. Recommendation from your sub-team lead is also required to apply for a position on the research team. All applications will be reviewed by the executive team and the professor/graduate student in charge.

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