Introducing UBC Bionics' pilot project: a smart bionic arm.


A team member testing GRASP's functionality during its first design.

What is GRASP?

GRASP is UBC Bionics' first attempt at the creation of a smart prosthetic arm. Our current design of the arm features a variety of functionalities including: 
- Object recognition via an onboard camera
- Various hand and finger grips
- Integration with machine learning
- Incorporation of an ergonomic design using a shoulder sling and consolidated electrical components
-EMG signalling  


Soft Materials

 The use of soft materials to create an anthropomorphic design that reduces social stigma and allows for more satisfying human-to-human interaction.

Nuanced Control

The use of two levels of control, myoelectric and electromechanical, to bridge the gap between patient preferences and technological limitations.

Cost Effective

The use of 3-D printing to reduce costs and allow for rapid manufacturing of the hand.

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